My Screenplays

Here are my screenplays:

THE WEDDINGS (completed—based on fiction novella blog on WordPress):  When two women travel half the globe to report on weddings, they find way more than they could imagine.

VALENCIO (completed—based on fiction blog on WordPress): Seven civilians team up with a sea captain with ALS to search for the rainbow treasure on a magical island without getting killed by the evil alien queen. 

*The Weddings & Valencio screenplays are also on SimplyScripts under K.R. Murphy 

ON THE WAY (in progress): Four half-orphan siblings and their two newly discovered, half-brothers embark on a road trip to a famous trial, only one of the them must testify and the other has to cover the story.  

* Possibly a sequel to On the Way in the future 

THE FREE SPIRITS (in progress): Five autistic people tell the story of how they escaped from a horrible group home and pretended to be a cover band to earn money. 

CASTLE BRIGHID (in progress): An ambitious video game designer gets more than he bargained for when he’s on a mission to save a magical castle from terrorists. 

COUNTRYGIRLS (in progress): A three-time divorcee, her mother, and four daughters travel to Portland, Oregon for a better life after their farm was destroyed re-forming a family bond.   

D.C. (in progress):  An assistant D.A. juggles a lot of cases including one involving her old friends from the Army. 

PARADISE (in progress): A young, autistic woman embarks adventures in Hawaii while putting up her grandmother’s house on sale. 

THE WRITERS (in progress): A married publishing couple gets more than they bargained for when they represent a bunch of authors who sue a Ponzi scheming publisher. 


If you’re interested in reading my screenplays, please don’t hesitate to email me. 


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