My Screenplays

Here are my screenplays:

THE WEDDINGS (completed): When two women travel half the globe to report on weddings, they find way more than they could imagine.

*If you are interested in reading the script, giving me feedback, or looking for the next hit, please don’t hesitate to email me.

VALENCIO (completed): Based on fiction blog.  Seven civilians team up with a sea captain with ALS to search for the rainbow treasure on a magical island without getting killed by the evil alien queen. 

ON THE WAY (in progress): Four half-orphan siblings and their two newly discovered, half-brothers embark on a road trip to a famous trial, only one of the them must testify and the other has to cover the story.  

* Possibly a sequel in the future 

THE FREE SPIRITS (in progress): Five autistic people tell the story of how they escaped from a horrible group home and pretended to be a cover band to earn money for a new house. 

CASTLE BRIGHID (in progress): An ambitious video game designer gets more than he bargained for when he’s on a mission to save a magical castle from terrorists. 

COUNTRYGIRLS (in progress): A three-time divorcee, her mother, and four daughters travel to Portland for a better life after their farm was destroyed, only to discover new things along the way.   

D.C. (in progress):  An assistant D.A. juggles a lot of cases including one involving her estranged, adopted sister.

PARADISE (in progress): A young, autistic woman and her two younger cousins embark adventures in Hawaii while putting up their grandmother’s house on sale. 

THE WRITERS (in progress)A bunch of authors get more than they bargained for when they sue a publishing company for fraud. 


Readers, if you want to give feedback on the loglines, don’t hesitate to comment. I’d be happy to hear your feedback!


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