Stars of Tomorrow

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I dedicate this fiction blog to my family and friends.


“Stars of Tomorrow”

People can sing, dance, play instruments, or do a combo of them. Either in solos, duets, or groups.

Target audience: teens-adult

Airtime: 2006-2020                 

Channel: XYZ

During first half of seasons, the show is on air for Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the summer season. After Vegas rounds, Wednesdays are the main days.  Prior to that, people audition for weekends in the Fall season.

Age limit for contestants: 16-35                                                                 

Host: Bryan McLaughlin, late 20s-early 30s, handsome movie star looks, blond and blue-eyed, jeans and flannel shirts. Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida.  His ex co-host Kat Hughes of the Wales only lasted for the first two seasons. She left the show to raise a family.



  1. DeSean Green: African-American former band guitarist, obese, sunglasses, bling jewelry (first 13 seasons)-partly nice, partly harsh; left show to pursue music career
  2. Esperanza Garcia: Cuban-American singer/dancer/movie & TV star, revealing outfits, golden jewelry, (first 10 seasons; left show to pursue acting career; returned in the 13th season for more money and remained for rest of show)-the nicest judge ever 
  3. Henry Carson Jr.: Scottish music producer  (first 10 seasons); the meanest judge ever; his heart was soft once in a while; left to do other shows
  4. Trevor Campbell: male Canadian (British Columbia) country artist-partly nice, partly harsh (last five seasons)
  5. LaKeisha Jones: former African-American contestant turned musician/movie star who was mostly amiable, a little strident once in a while (seasons 11-12); left show due to sex scandal 
  6. Cho Kim: Filipina YouTube star who was partly nice, partly harsh (seasons 11-12); left show to go to drug/alcohol rehab 
  7. Gwen Arlington: ex-ballerina from New York City who was partly nice, partly brutal (last 3 seasons) 
  8. Damien: male movie star/TV talk show host who went from tough to soft (last 3 seasons)

Audition cities:

Season 1: Austin, Houston, the Woodlands, San Antonio, Dallas

Season 2: New Orleans, Nashville, Memphis, Atlanta, Jacksonville

Season 3: Miami, Seattle, Chicago, New York City, Boston

Season 4: San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Richmond, Bowling Green

Season 5: Washington D.C, Philadelphia, Princeton, Cincinnati, Indianapolis,

*Starting Season 6, sometimes, you can audition online. Submit videos to the show’s website.

Season 6: Corpus Christi, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Lincoln, Omaha,

Season 7: Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Phoenix, Annapolis, Baltimore

Season 8: Raleigh, Charlotte, Columbia, Charleston, Savannah

Season 9: San Francisco, Portland, Salem, OR; Olympia, Boise

Season 10: Helena, Cheyenne, Denver, Colorado Springs, Salt Lake City

Season 11: Park City, Tucson, El Paso, Springfield, Illinois; Cleveland

Season 12: Bismarck, Pierre, Topeka, Jefferson City, St. Louis

Season 13: Albany, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, Dover, Gainesville

Season 14: Tampa, Orlando, Montgomery, Jackson, Kansas City

Season 15: NYC, D.C, Atlanta, Houston, L.A.

At auditions, contestants get a green ticket to Hollywood when accepted.  A red ticket equals rejection.

Hollywood rounds at Dolby Theatre: Singers without instruments get a chair turn when accepted. When rejected, no chair turn or just one.  Dancers, dancers/musicians, singers with instruments, or instrumentalists get high scores when accepted. Low scores=rejection. Top 30.

Vegas rounds at Planet Hollywood. Top 20

Back to Hollywood for more rounds at Highland Theatre. Top 10                         


drums During Seasons 5-7, after Vegas and before Hollywood Highland, the Judges would form their own teams. Sometimes, they would perform in duet, trios, or groups.  The contestant that won Season 5 was on Henry’s team. The Season 5 winner was on DeSean’s team. The Season 7 winner was on Esperanza’s team. That discontinued after Season 7 because it caused friction between the judges.  Too much awkwardness and too competitive. There were rumors and allegations of the show bring rigged, but nothing to it. No proof of cheating. 

After Hollywood, each week has a certain theme and a mentor until the top 3 week.


Voting system: For the first five reasons, viewers would call the number. Then, starting Season 6, viewers would call or vote online on the show’s website or on social media. 

The mentors were professional dancers and musicians and celebrities. 


Winners and runner-ups of each season:


NS=not surprised

BP=best performance

  1. WINNER: Andrea ‘Andy’ Alderson, former child star from Fort Worth, first singer to win show–solo pop singer-NS; BP: Aretha Franklin’s “You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman”

RUNNER-UP: Barry Bernstein, former teen pop star from Boerne, solo pop/rap singer; BP=John Lennon’s “Imagine”

2. WINNER: Charlie Calvin, blind churchgoer/college dropout from New Orleans, solo musician (R&B/pop/country/gospel singing/piano playing): S; BP: Stevie Wonder’s “I Just Called to Say I Love You”

RUNNER-UP: David Diaz, Mormon volunteer from Salt Lake City, Utah, solo Tap/hip-hop dancer; BP=The Beach Boys’ “God Only Knows”


3. WINNER: Erin Engelbert, waitress/single mom/breast cancer survivor from Boston, solo ballerina/hip hop dancer: NS; BP=”Swan Lake” remix

RUNNER-UP: Felicia Fredericks, Type 1 diabetic nurse from Peoria, Illinois; solo French Horn player; BPs=”On the Waterfront” and “Star Wars” musical scores 

4. WINNERS: Gloria and Guillermo Guitierrez, married couple who were schoolteachers from San Diego–first dancers to win show, Ballerinas/Jazz dancers: S; BP=”The Nutcracker” remix  

RUNNER-UP: Hovington twins, Hannah and Henri, student filmmakers from Santa Monica, pop singers/guitarists  (one of them is high-functioning autistic); BP=”Falling Slowly”

5.  WINNER: Isaiah Iachetti, bartender/farmers’ son from Bloomington, IND, solo rock singer/dancer: NS; BP=Rolling Stones song

RUNNER-UP: Joanna Johnson, orphaned fast-food cook from Trenton, solo Tuba player; BP=Louis Armstrong song

6. WINNER: Kelly Kyle, high-functioning autistic library volunteer from Corpus Christi-solo Jazz, modern dance, R&B, pop, & country singer/pianist/dancer: NS; BPs=Disney songs, “Glory” from Selma, and other movie songs 

RUNNER-UP: The Lovetts, unmarried couple (furniture salesman & graphic/web designer) from Omaha, Nebraska; violin players; BP=James Bond movie songs (“Skyfall” and “Writing’s on the Wall”)

7. WINNER: Miguel Marquez, war veteran without one (or both legs) from Baltimore-solo salsa dancer: S; BP=Selena Quintanilla-Perez song

RUNNER-UP: Nina Nguyen, community college student from Los Alamos, New Mexico, solo drummer; BPs=One Direction songs in drums 

8. WINNER: Olive O’Neill, police officer from Savannah-solo French Horn player: S; “Star Wars” theme

RUNNER-UP: Peter Peterson, school gym coach/choir director from Charleston, solo pop singer; BP=Carrie Underwood song

9. WINNER: Quilla Quagmire, deaf/mute high school student/YMCA volunteer from San Francisco-solo pianist: NS; BP=Celine Dion song

RUNNER-UP: Rosa Rodriguez, school band director from Astoria, Oregon, solo guitarist; BP=Maroon 5 song

10. surprise tie: Stephanie Shang, college student/technician/daughter of single-parent family from Park City-Ballet/Jazz/Tap dancer and Tyler Thompson, construction worker from Fort Collins, solo opera singer; Shang’s BPs=Beatles song and The Wknd’s “Earned It” & Thompson’s BP=”Les Miserables” song

11.  WINNER: Uno, community college students from El Paso-first group to win show (both male and female; pop & rock music and dancing, some of the members are disabled): S; BPs=Selma movie’s “Glory” and Aerosmith songs

RUNNER-UP: Violet Vargas, Ballet teacher/war widow from Cypress, TX-solo ballerina; BP=”Swan Lake”

12. WINNER: William Walters, waiter/single dad (one of his kids is disabled) from St. Louis-solo pop/country singer: NS; BP=Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud,” Percy Sledge’s “When a Man Loves a Woman,” and Harold Melvin’s “If You Don’t Know Me By Now”

RUNNER-UP: Waffletons-musical pop group of college students (male and female) from Pierre, South Dakota; BPs=Sam Smith songs

13. WINNER: Xena, temp employee (paralegal, firewoman, bank teller, barista, Little League coach, yoga instructor, secretary, etc) from Pittsburgh-solo pop/R&B/country singer: NS; BPs=Psy’s “Gangnam Style,” Kelly Clarkson’s “Because of You,” Jennifer Hudson’s “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going,” and a Martina McBride song

RUNNER-UP: Xander Xolan, solo gospel guitarist from Brooklyn, NY; BP=”You Know Better Than I” from “Joseph: King of Dreams”

14. WINNER:  Yanni York, schoolteacher/daughter of famous movie star from Little Rock, Arkansas-solo cheerleading dancer: S; BP=Atomic Kitten’s “See Ya”

RUNNER-UP: Yuri, former Olympic swimmer from a small town in Mississippi, solo trumpet player, bone cancer survivor; BP=Charlie Parker song

15. WINNER: Zoro Zymon, nurse/2x divorced, victim of abuse from D.C.-solo pop singer/modern & contemporary dancer: S; BP=The Wknd’s “Earned It” song and J-Lo song for contemporary dance

RUNNER-UPs: Zoe Zachary, online tutor from Athens, GA-opera singer; BP=West Side Story’s “Somewhere” song and “Carmen Jones” song 


The show won 10 Primetime Emmys for Best Reality Competition Program, Best Host, and Best Directing for Variety Show


Seasons 1-4: high

Season 5: medium to low

Seasons 6-7: medium

Season 8: high

Seasons 9-10: medium

Season 11: high

Seasons 12-13: medium to low

Seasons 14-15: low to medium to high

Controversies, scandals, etc: 

Season 3: Henry made a mean comment to one of contestants. He apologized for it.

Season 7: nude photos of one of contestants leaked online; one of the contestants slept with male judge; one of the contestants did a twerk during performance;

Season 8: voting system might’ve been rigged after winner was elected

Season 10: a fight between contestants backstage; dispute between parents and producers.

Season 11: one of contestants lied backstory

Season 12: Cho’s drug and alcohol addictions. LaKeisha slept with one of the contestants. 

Season 13: awkward exchange of words between one of disgruntled contestants and one of the judges; two of the judges were not getting along

Season 14: people accidentally overheard Bryan having sex with someone over radio

In some of the seasons, sometimes, whenever there were surprise eliminations, there were allegations or rumors that the voting system, but nothing to it.

The show was cancelled due to low ratings and production costs were getting expensive.

The show has tour concerts during the Fall season.  The last season did not have one due to the show’s cancellation.

Some of the winners, runner-ups, and contestants have successful careers. Some were semi-successful and some did not.



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