How To Be A Boss Like Kevin Spacey


(Warning: Strong language featured)

In the following clip, taken from George Huang’s 1994 comedy-drama Swimming With Sharks (starring Kevin Spacey, Benicio del Toro, and Frank Whaley), Kevin Spacey proves, once again, why he is the master of manipulation and ruthlessness, subjecting his assistant to a barrage of verbal abuse (because, let’s face it, he is the boss). 

In one of his superlative, yet lesser-known, roles, Spacey, in torturous fashion, gives his new assistant, Guy (whose first day it is in the job), a telling-off in the office over the most trivial of matters: his assistant has brought him Equal, instead of Sweet-N-Low, for his coffee. That isn’t what he asked for, as he soon finds out.

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