Joy’s Stages of Life Epilogue

“Joy’s Stages of Life” book was published on April 2014. It was rejected 50 times until someone finally succumbed to it. Her wish came true! It was a best-selling nonfiction book and made number #1 on Amazon. The critical reception was extremely positive. The book was translated into foreign languages. Joy was a guest lecturer and went a couple of book tours. In 2016, she studied for an online teacher’s certificate and became an online instructor in English Literature for students of all ages and grade levels. Some were in special-ed and some were not. She still wrote fiction and nonfiction blogs on WordPress.

In 2017, Joy won a seat for the City Council. It’s likely that she’ll run for mayor. In her opinion, it should be illegal for criminals and unstable mentally ill people to have access to guns, knives and other weapons.  Weapons only belong to trustworthy authorities or hunters.  More demand for equal rights in gender, disability, race, religion, nationality, sexuality, etc.; free access to education and healthcare for everyone, and all police brutality cops should be in prison no matter the circumstances instead of letting the cops walk free.  She was neutral on taxes, the economy, and the climate.  She was a private person who never married and had a family.  She published another book about her political career.  

On the other hand, Joy wrote a blog about her new favorite movie, Wonder Woman in summer 2017.  In contrast to Joy, Wonder Woman made a positive example of women and young girls. After years of false starts and TV shows and cartoons, Wonder Woman finally got the solo movie she’s so long deserved — in a milieu dominated by male superheroes and testosterone-fueled CGI extravaganzas.  The action-packed film represented a strong and independent female warrior with a feminist message.  The movie also represented love and justice.  Wonder Woman proved that women can do anything when she crossed the male barriers.  The actress, Gal Gadot was in the Israeli Army before she was Wonder Woman, a.k.a. Diana, the Princess of Amazon.  The movie was the biggest live-action box office hit ever made by a female director, Patty Jenkins.     


      Joy has prevailed from life’s challenges and obstacles.


More images are on my FB author page, K.R. Murphy.

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