Joy’s Stages of Life: October 2012: Sports Traditions

     sportsSports are a huge part of my family’s lives.  I’m not much of a sports fan.  Super bowls are an exception.  My mother’s favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys.  During the season, she always watches games on Saturdays and tried to attend the bowl game post-season.  When I was young, she used to take me to some Irish Pub (don’t recall the name) to watch the games, but they shut down the place, so she watches the games on TV instead.  No one in my family is exactly a sports junkie, but they like to follow college and professional sports.  My Dad’s favorite football team is the New England Patriots and his favorite baseball team is the Boston Red Sox.  During basketball season, they like to watch the March Madness.  Our favorite Texan teams are the Texas Rangers (baseball), the Dallas Cowboys (football), and the Mavericks (basketball).  

     My parents emphasize sports when they encouraged my siblings and me to participate in youth sports.  For instance, my brother was in the Little League and played football and YMCA basketball.  My sister played softball in high school and college.  When I was six and seven years old, I played soccer for four seasons.  Sports are a positive thing in the family household because it brings us together and we learn about being part of a team.  My first childhood memory of playing sports is taking swimming lessons at the YMCA.  I loved swimming, but I was scared to jump off the diving board because it was too high.  Eventually, I faced my fear.  Today, I still love to swim for fun.

     When I was a kid, I used to play baseball, basketball, and football with my Dad, brother, and sister.  Then, I played tennis with my sister at a beach in California once.  My parents and I do not belong to the same social media group tied to a particular sports team.  Mom does football picks for the football pool.  Each person picks the winners for the NFL games.  Whoever has the higher score wins weekly.  Cheering for the same team brings us closer.  We would have snacks and relatives would call or text about the games.  For example, in Feb. 2012, we cheered for the New England Patriots of the Super Bowl, but they lost to the New York Giants. 


     Then, over Labor Day weekend, we cheered for the Rangers in Arlington, but they lost to another team.  Before that, when I was fourteen, we cheered for the Rangers in the same town when they played against a different team.  At that time, the Rangers won the game.  One time during the Christmas or New Year’s holidays, my parents, brother, and I cheered for the Mavericks at the American Airlines Center.  Those experiences were fantastic.  Sports have shaped traditions in my family positively.  They make us all the champions!


We are the champions!

*Imagine me singing Queen’s “We Are the Champions.*



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