Joy’s Stages of Life: November 2012: Inspirational Books

“The Princeton Murders” by Ann Waldron inspired me to be a writer.  (Book 1)


     The most inspirational book I ever read about was called The Princeton Murders by Ann Waldron.  It was published in 2003.  The book is about a journalist of a Tallahassee newspaper, McLeod Delaney who won a Pulitzer Prize and accepted a job as a guest professor teaching a writing course at Princeton, an Ivy League School.  While working there, she initiated friendships with other professors including Archibald Alexander whom she liked.  Unfortunately, he passed away unexpectedly.  McLeod’s star pupil suspected it was a planned murder.  Furthermore, other English professors were being targeted by an intellectual with a grudge.  The culprit was a colleague, Ginger Kingsley who was very angry.  I simply could not put it down because it inspired me to be a writer and the mystery fascinated me.  Some people did not like it, but I was the judge of that.  I thought the plot was interesting, but needed to be a little more suspenseful. That’s what I wrote on my book review blog. 

     I’m a blogger and I love creative writing.  Sometimes, I like to write fictional, mystery blogs that take place in different locations like Ann Waldron.  I read the book because I have a cousin who attended Princeton where she studied biology.  She was required to take a liberal arts class once.  The book had nothing to do with her life, but it was the same school. She read the book before and passed it on to me. Generally, it is one of the best books for college students to read.  At the end of the book, there were recipes for the faculty brunch that were used in the story. 

     There are sequels to the book called Death of a Princeton President, Unholy Death in Princeton, A Rare Murder in Princeton, and The Princeton Imposter. I read one of them and would like to read the others if by chance.  I think they should be adapted into movies someday.


“Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Brontё inspired me to be independent. (Book 2)


     The inspirational book I ever read was Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontё.  The coming-of-age, gothic novel takes place in the English countryside during the Victorian era.  It was published in 1847.  It is about a young orphan, Jane Eyre who lived with an abusive family.   She becomes strong, succeeds in Lowood Academy where she was also abused by the headmaster, becomes a governess to Edward Rochestor’s ward, and falls in love with him.  Later, when they were about to get married, he was already married to the madwoman whom he locked up in an attic. Afterwards, Jane ran away to Marsh End, where she discovered her own strength. At the end, Jane became a strong, independent woman and reconciled with Rochestor after his delusional wife committed suicide. 

     The most famous line was, “Reader, I married him.”  I simply couldn’t put it down because it was interesting and unique.  I wrote a book report about it in school.  And I blogged its book review.  The book inspired me to be independent.  My life is totally different than hers. 

     Jane was a working woman and did not expect to marry in order to sustain herself.  She wanted to be treated with respect and dignity. She was a free human being with an independent will.  She refused to accept more money than Rochester owes her and wanted to keep working after the wedding.  She refused to become the mistress and was proud to be “her own mistress” at the end.

     Despite my disability, I want to prove to other people that I can be independent.  It comes first before marriage.  I would only marry for love, not for guardianship.  My future husband would be someone who loves and understands me, not a man who hates me because of my conditions.  I have to see what’s behind him and how I feel about him first before marrying the wrong person. (I almost did!)   If he’s not the one, then he’s not worth it like my ex-fiancee.  If some people discriminate me, I would protest and stand up for myself like Jane Eyre rebelled against the prejudice of class and gender. 

     I felt sorry for her when people mistreated her. It is hard to imagine what she went through.  Eventually, she found happiness at the end.  She is one of literature’s best heroines.  We are both brave, sincere, resourceful, and lack personal vanity.   Some people didn’t understand me because I was indifferent and that did not felt right.  Discrimination is unacceptable today like it should’ve been in the 1800s.  Many times, the book has been adapted into movies.  I think the best ones were the 1943 film starring Orson Welles as Mr. Rochester and Joan Fontaine as Jane Eyre and the 2011 film starring Mia Wasikowska as Jane Eyre and Michael Fassbender as Mr. Rochester.

Furthermore, like Jane Eyre, despite the bumps on the road, I am a strong, independent young woman who knows what she wants in life.


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