Joy’s Stages of Life: June 2012: Nature



       Nature inspires me to blend in with the beauty.  Listening to the birds singing, hearing Mother Nature speaking, and seeing the deer running.  Fresh air is good for me and everyone else’s skin.  It boosts your brainpower, provides vitamin D, and clears up faces.  Being indoors all the time makes one’s skin pale as a ghost.  Parents should make outdoor activities mandatory for their children and teens such as camping, hiking, gardening, grilling out, eating on a picnic, and spending time with animals.  Their addictions to technology and television would decrease.

     Walking around outside is a strategy to brainstorm new, fresh ideas in my mind.  Sometimes, outdoors stuff and my interactions with animals inspire some of my blogs.  Haiku poems have seasonal lines.  Trees are important because they provide nutrients and oxygen.  Sometimes, they get chopped down to create things with wood or if they’re dying.  Seasons change as the earth circles around.  Flowers grow in the spring; the sun shines more on land and water in the summer, leaves fall from trees in the autumn, and the weather freezes in the winter.  When I was a child, I used to like going outside when it rained, but not anymore.  Rain makes the grass yucky, but it does help plants, flowers, and gardens grow. My favorite outdoor activity is the time I went camping with my father at Lake Somerville over Spring Break when I was eight or nine years old.  We hiked, ate s’mores, cooked eggs, and took pictures.  It was beautiful out there. 

When I was in high school, over Spring Break, I hiked at the Huntsville State Park with beautiful lakes.  Then, a couple months later, I walked into the woods with one of my high school classes for a nature project.  Then, I made a powerpoint about the characteristics of pine cones and plants.  I thought both of my nature experiences were quite interesting.  My appreciation for nature increased.  My teacher said that god created nature to prove his existence.

     The outdoors is great when the weather is warm and pleasant, not hot as the sun and cold as snow.  Swimming in the lake is a great idea if it’s clean.  Avoid dirty waters.  Nature is unattractive and unsanitary when people pollute it.  Animals have the rights of freedom to live and run wild in the woods and opened space lands.  Societies should appreciate nature for peace and quiet and its significance.  It is an exceptional escape from the cities, computers, and the rest of modern technology.  Nature is still part of us and will always be forever. You have to appreciate nature before a building exists or something. 




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