Joy’s Stages of Life: January 2013: My Thoughts on Newtown: This must stop immediately!


     My thoughts on Newtown are that this must stop immediately! This happened to other schools such as Columbine, Virginia Tech, the movie theater in Aurora, Army bases, the supermarket in Tucson, and other schools and public places of this country. This has gone too far.  Congress needs to work on their gun control laws. Do a better background check or something. People should have the common sense on how to deal with their mental health issues or people with mental illnesses properly.  The 2nd amendment should be altered to prevent any more shootings.  The murderer, Adam Lanza, was insanely nuts.  He was schizophrenic and had other mental disorders, not autistic. It’s all nonsense. Autism does not make you a killer. People with autism cannot have access to guns. The gunfire noise bothers them including me.  Dylan Hockley and Josephine Gay, two of the children who died at Sandy Hook Elementary School, were autistic themselves.  The murderer should have institutionalized and his mother should have kept guns away from him. His mother did not know what to do with him. Another thing, she should never have taught him how to target shoot. His parents were divorced. His estranged father and brother should have been actively involved in the situation. (PERSONAL NOTE: Lanza is a monster paying for what he has done in hell. I HATE HIM!  I HATE ALL SHOOTERS!).  I don’t care what people say.  I have my beliefs.  

     People have to be aware that guns are not a hobby.  Some may have the right to use them for self-defense like the police and the military do, not for the wrong reasons like murdering innocent people.  Assault rifles have to be banned forever.   The amount of security at schools needs to increase a little more.  Either install scanning machines like the ones at airports or active shooter alarms like burglar alarms. 

      Thankfully, none of my schools except one time when I was in high school, some crazy man stabbed a kid because he thought the kid raped his daughter at a party, but he was innocent.  In my opinion, I don’t think teachers should carry weapons.  They should learn how to protect students in other ways. 

     As for the media, it’s not always their fault; however, in my opinion, they need to tone down the violence a little.  If a certain movie, TV show, game, or song is too violent, it has to be re-edited.  For instance, a movie, Gangster Squad, was supposed to be released in Summer 2012, but moved to January 2013 due to the Aurora tragedy.   Also, due to the Newtown tragedy, TV shows like Family Guy and American Dad wisely pulled their episodes. 

     If someone had symptoms of a mental illness, that person must be institutionalized or see a psychiatrist immediately.  Even if you cannot tell, you must stay alert immediately. Keep weapons away from people with mental illnesses, criminal records, or both. After the Aurora tragedy, there was going to be a massacre at a screening of Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 in Missouri, but the killer’s mother foiled the plot by turning him to the police. Thank god! 

The Newtown tragedy breaks my heart. The little angels and the educators are in my prayers. I have sympathy for their families. That applies to other tragedies too. On Dec. 14, 2012, I made a vlog tribute to the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. I always made vlog tributes to other tragedies, not only shootings, but also terrorist attacks, police brutalities, etc. Some events that happened before I was born and some that happened during my childhood and adolescence.

(Also, I all hate terrorists, corrupted people, and all bad people).

President Obama said, “These tragedies must end. And to end them, we must change.”



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