Lessons for Screenwritiers


  1. Always behave well, work hard, and be genuine, because relationships matter.

  2. Live a full life and write what you know. McQuarie had had several different jobs before launching into screenwriting full time. That knowledge meant he could weave in brilliant detail organically.

  3. Don’t be afraid to contact an old friend if they’ve gotten traction in the industry. But don’t bug someone you used to bully, and only contact them if you’ve got solid skills and writing samples.

  4. If you respect someone, and they tell you now isn’t the time for you to try and turn pro, listen to them.

  5. Never just “phone in” your script. Keep re-writing until it’s a professional before you take it out into the industry.

  6. Don’t be held hostage by your ego. If the producer tells you a more experienced writer needs to be brought on to give the project the best chance, don’t throw a tantrum. It’s a rookie mistake. Those who make it rarely get another chance.

  7. Hollywood studios aren’t the be all and end all. Consider all funding options.

  8. Believe in yourself and your work.

  9. Persevere.

  10. Be prepared and ready when Luck comes calling.


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