5 Twitter Tips for Writers


It’s  8 weeks since I started writing from home. During that time I’ve become way too attached to a doorstop shaped like a pig and I’ve experienced a few Twitter epiphanies that I hope will help you in your work too:

  1. Social Networking is a fucking pain in the arse unless you’re already famous in which case you have a team of 10 signing off every tweet and injecting personality and humor into 140 characters for you. A few years ago a super talented friend of mine, who is now a content writer for the Huff Post and BuzzFeed (among others), inksat me down and broke the news. ‘Al,’ she said taking a drag from her cigarette like a rueful agent, ‘you can’t make it without having a presence online. I know you want to do it like Virginia Woolf, but it doesn’t happen like that now. Get on Twitter.’ I was insistent that there must…

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