The Weddings Parts VI

Bloomington, Indiana

October 16

In the countryside, Jennifer and Jessica, wearing blue dresses, (Jennifer’s was darker and Jessica’s was lighter) attended the nuptials of a deaf couple at a Lutheran church.  The groom was also in a wheelchair because he had cerebral palsy.   The couple used sign language to do the vows.  There were professional interpreters who interpreted everything the bride and the groom said.  Jessica already did a photo shoot two hours prior to the ceremony.  As usual, Jennifer jotted down notes during the ceremony.

The reception at the ballroom was ten miles away from the church.  The steak, salmon, and garden salads were scrumptious and the hors d’oeuvres tasted like dirty underwear. The custom was to twirl napkins in the air that would catch a deaf person’s attention. The Best Man and the Maid of Honor and the parents of both bride and groom made hilarious, sentimental toasts.  People waved their hands instead of clapping after the toasts. Then, the best friends would show a brief slideshow of pictures of the couple and their courtship. When the DJ turned on the bass version of Willie Nelson’s “Always On My Mind”, the bride gently picked her husband up from the wheelchair and danced with him on the floor. The song switched to the middle of Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” in bass version. After that ended, most of the guests joined the couple for the slow dance to Blake Shelton’s “God Gave Me You.”  

During Keith Urban’s “Kiss a Girl,” Jennifer danced with a clumsy old woman.  Jessica danced with a sweet, gentle ring bearer and flower girl during a Martina McBride (or Carrie Underwood) song.

When it was dessert time, instead of cake, the newlyweds fed each other chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies.  They opted for heart-shaped cookies instead of cake for dietary reasons.

After the newlyweds took off in an Uber, Jennifer and Jessica said, “Our work is done.”

The bottom of Jessica’s dress got caught in a bush.

“Oh no! F—! S—!” shouted Jessica.  She struggled to pull her dress out.

Jennifer managed to get the dress unstuck. It had a little tear. “I’ll fix it at the hotel. No big deal.”

At the Hilton Hotel, Naomi called Jennifer to check on things and gave her feedback on the other wedding pieces. She loved them all, especially Williamsburg which was superb except the part about the dead grandpa. When Naomi excused herself from the phone, Jennifer accidentally overheard her discussing the bet with Brian. They were hiking up the price to forty-five pounds when one of them wins the bet. Jennifer was confused. She thought, What bet? What’s going on? Blimey! 

Naomi focused back on her conversation with Jennifer. “Sorry, where was I?”

“Are you betting that we fail?” asked Jennifer.

“Excuse me?” asked Naomi.

“Oh my god, you are betting on us, aren’t you? You only gave Jessica and me this assignment just because of a bet?”  snapped Jennifer.

Jessica popped out of the bathroom when she heard the word ‘bet.’ She was only in a towel.

“No, no, no, you misheard me, Ms. York, I was talking about…cricket,” said Naomi.

“I heard you correctly. Do you think I’m an idiot? I’m not buying that. Why me? Why her? Why us?” said Jennifer.

“I always test my employees—old and new. I don’t trust any of them except Brian. That’s why I paired you with that stupid, ugly American woman. She was fired for screwing up on her last job,” said Naomi.

“Take back what you said! Her name is Jessica Pillsbury. She is smart and beautiful. FYI, she was laid off, not fired,” said Jennifer.

“What’s the difference?” asked Naomi sarcastically.

“Let me tell you something, Naomi Gibslow. Jessica Pillsbury is the best photographer and the nicest, most loyal woman that I have ever met. So, you can go f— yourself, b—-! Bet your OWN life!” said Jennifer. She slammed the phone down.

“I thought it wasn’t actually going to happen,” said Jessica.

“What are you saying? You knew about this?” asked Jennifer.

Jessica explained to her that she accidentally overheard the conversation back in London. She must’ve missed the last part. She apologized for not speaking up.

“No need to apologize. It’s not your fault. She’s been toying with our emotions all along. I guess we did this for nothing,” said Jennifer. She hit a pillow. “What the h— is wrong with that woman? She is harsher than I thought!”

“Come on, Jen, this is ridiculous. So what? It’s a stupid bet. We can still do our mission anyway. We have come this far. I am not quitting and neither shall you. We make a d—awesome team! We are doing it for for the readers, not for Dragon Lady or some stupid bet. We are going to prove to ourselves and to her that we are worthy. We are going to tell a fantastic story about the weddings. We are going to get it right,” said Jessica. “By the way, thanks for standing up for me.”

She returned to the bathroom to clean up.

The next morning, Naomi called Jennifer to apologize about the bet.  Much to Jennifer’s relief, the bet was off for sure because Jennifer and Jessica were not supposed to know about it.  She also said Jennifer’s apologies were nonessential.  She deserved it.  Deep down inside, Jennifer knew that Naomi was not the least bit sorry.

At the Indianapolis Airport, Jessica approached Jennifer with two Starbucks coffees. She handed Jennifer hers.

“Guess who I ran into?” said Jessica.

“Who? A movie star?  A singer? A politician? An old friend of yours?” guessed Jennifer.

“Annnh! Wrong!” said Jessica, imitating a game show buzz.  She nodded her head toward to two, familiar men.  It turned out to be the Hill brothers from Ottawa.  Jennifer was astonished to see them.  She instantly blushed at the sight of Robbie.

“Fancy seeing you two,” said Jennifer.

“Good to see you too, Jennifer,” said Ryan.

“It’s a small world, eh?” said Robbie.

Turns out the the Hills were catering at a wedding in Indianapolis.  San Antonio was their next stop.  Jessica mentioned that it was also where she and Jennifer were heading.

On a quick coffee date, Jessica and Ryan walked around a bit waiting for the flight instead of sitting down. Jennifer learned that Robbie was telling the truth about his status. He did call off his engagement. He was so busy with his career and stuff that he forgot to change his Facebook status.

“I don’t buy it,” said Jennifer.

“You don’t believe me? I’ll prove it,” said Robbie. “We ended things well.”

On his iPad, he showed her a video of his ugly ex-fiancée cursing and throwing things at him at his apartment in Vancouver.  He forgot to delete it.

“Ok, I’ve seen enough. I believe you now,” said Jennifer.

Robbie deleted the video after it ended.  Somehow, he accidentally recorded it on his iPad.

Jessica and Ryan arrived at the gate just in time. They all boarded the plane.  It was a small two-seat plane instead of a regular three-seat plane.  Both duos decided to switch seats. Nobody would notice or care.  Jessica sat next to Ryan and Jennifer sat next to Robbie.

During the flight, Jennifer accidentally slept on Robbie’s shoulder.  Robbie mentally questioned himself of his feelings for her.  He kissed her on the forehead.  Jessica and Ryan took a nap together peacefully.


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