20 words to describe specific tastes and flavors

  1. acidic-very sour
  2. astringent-an astringent taste is one that is strong and bitter
  3. bitter-a strong sharp taste that is not sweet
  4. bitter-sweet: tasting bitter and sweet at the same time
  5. brackish-a slight taste of salt and is therefore not pure
  6. hot-contains a lot of spices that create a burning feeling in your mouth
  7. mature-has been left to develop a pleasant strong flavor
  8. mild-not a strong taste
  9. ripe-a strong flavor
  10. robust-a lot of flavor
  11. savory-tasting of salt or spices and not sweet
  12. seasoned-containing seasonings to improve flavor
  13. sharp-a strong and bitter flavor
  14. south-tastes like lemon
  15. spicy-strong hot flavor
  16. sweet and sour-contains both sweet and sour flavors
  17. syrupy-thick, sweet, and sticky
  18. tart-slightly sour taste
  19. unsalted-not flavored with salt
  20. watery-pale or not strong

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